Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV)

SRRV FAQ: Documentary Requirements

1.  What documents are required for SRRV application?

  • Valid passport with valid Temporary Visa

  • Marriage certificate or Koseki Tohon (for Japanese) should be with English translation and should be authenticated by having an Apostille from the Notary Public

  • A police clearance* (with English translation) from country of origin should be authenticated by having an Apostille from the Notary Public, and an additional NBI Clearance*, if applicant has stayed in the Philippines for over 30 days from last date of entry

  • For applicants who selected "With Pension" option, Certification of Retirement Benefits issued by concerned government/ private entity should be authenticated by having an Apostille from the Notary Public

  • Proof visa deposit's inward remittance to an accredited PRA bank

  • Medical examination clearance* (with English translation) should be authenticated by having an Apostille from the Notary Public or can be done in the Philippines at PRA-accredited hospitals prior to SRRV application

  • SRRV application form (for Principal and Dependent applicants)

  • Notice of client registration form

  • 12 pieces of 2 in x 2 in ID picture

Additional requirements may be requested depending on the SRR Visa Option to be chosen by the SRRV applicant

*The Medical and Police Clearances are valid up to 6 months from date of issuance.

2.  Can I send the visa deposit when I arrive in Manila?

  • The visa deposit should be remitted from outside the Philippines to the PRA-designated bank account prior to SRRV application.  

3.  Can I do the medical examination in the Philippines?

  • Yes, we can schedule the medical examination a day prior to SRRV application.

4.  Where can I get the application forms for Principal and Dependent applicants?

5.  How will I know if the information I have written on the application form is correct or acceptable?

  • Our TESZARA staff can input the information on your application forms to ensure accuracy. PRA doesn't accept forms with erasures.

6.  Where can I get the Notice of Client Registration Form?

7.  Can I send all documents to PRA before I arrive in Manila?

  • Please hand-carry all documents to Manila.  PRA does not accept mailed applications.

8.  Can I just take a picture of myself and cut to size?

  • If you plan to make your own ID pictures, please make sure the background is white, the face is in the center, picture is clear not blurred, and that there shouldn't be any shadow on the applicant's face.  Please refrain from wearing glasses or hats.

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