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Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV)

SRRV FAQ: Renewal

1.  What are my options in renewing my SRRV ID?

  • You can choose to renew for a year or a maximum of 2 years.  If SRRV client has plans to cancel SRRV within the next 2 years, the 1 year renewal is better.

2.  What are the requirements when I renew my SRRV ID?

  • Signed Authorization Letter for SRRV Renewal

  • SRRV renewal fee (US$360 per year)

  • ​ID renewal fee (US$10 per year per member)

  • Courier fee (depends on member's current location upon renewal)

  • Photocopy of your passport

  • Complete address where to send back member's new PRA ID card, including telephone  and fax numbers

Additional requirements and fees may be requested 

3.  How can I send my payment for SRRV Renewal ?

  • You can send it to Philippine Retirement Authority's account at Land Bank of the Philippines but it'll take time for it to be credited​. Another option is to send the fees to TESZARA and TESZARA pays it on your behalf when we renew your SRRV at the PRA office.   Please click here for the details.

4.  Can I dispose my old passport where the original SRRV stamp is attached?

  • No, it's best to keep the passport since you need to submit the passport where the original stamp is attanced if you cancel your SRRV. Additional documents will be required by PRA and Bureau of Immigration for failure to comply with this requirement.


5. Is there a fee for TESZARA's SRRV renewal assistance ?

  • Yes, please click here for TESZARA assistance fees.

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