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Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV)

SRRV FAQ: Application Procedure

1.  What is the SRRV application procedure?

  • Remit the visa deposit to PRA's designated bank account. (We strongly encourage remittance of visa deposit be done 1 month prior to application.)

  • Complete and collate all documentary requirements. 

  • Schedule your medical examination (if to be done in the Philippines) and SRRV application with TESZARA.

  • Go with TESZARA staff for your medical examination (if applicable).

  • On the application day, meet TESZARA staff for SRRV application at a designated location.

  • Pay the processing and membership fees

  • TESZARA regularly follows up with PRA the status of your application.

  • Once SRRV is ready, schedule your oath taking at PRA with TESZARA.

  • Go to PRA office for oath-taking ceremony and receive your passport, SRRV card and certificate.

2.  How long does it take to receive SRRV?

  • The SRRV application takes at least 15-20 business days .  It sometimes take a long time with the Bureau of Immigration. 

3.  Can I pay the processing fee in my home country's currency?

  • Unfortunately, the processing and membership fees can only be paid in Philippine Peso (PHP) or in US Dollars (USD).

4.  How much is TESZARA's assistance fee for SRRV application?

  • Please contact us for TESZARA assistance fees. 

5.  Is it necessary to attend the oath-taking ceremony?

  • Attendance is required for the oath-taking ceremony because PRA explains the benefits of SRRV and the renewal process.

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