Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV)


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With SRRV you can ...

A foreign retiree-member can retire and live in the Philippines for as long as they want. 


He may come in and out of the country as often as he desires. 


An SRRV-holder is exempt from paying the travel tax at the Philippine Airport.


The retiree can use SRRV for their dependent-children who intends to pursue education in the Philippines.  


And many more...

TESZARA as PRA Marketer

Since 2013, TESZARA has been an accredited marketer of the Philippine Retirement Authority.  Together, we have worked on some projects, and have joined several longstay fairs and expos to promote the Philippines as a travel/ retirement destination.


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Tel:  +6328-550-1376 (フィリピン)

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