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Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV)

SRRV FAQ: Visa Deposit

1.  How much is the visa deposit? When should I remit the visa deposit?

  • For SRRV SMILE - US$20,000

  • For SRRV CLASSIC - For 50 years old and above: US$10,000 (with pension*) or US$20,000 (without pension)

  • For SRRV HUMAN TOUCH - US$10,000 (with pension of at least US$1,500) and a health insurance policy accepted in the Philippines

  • For SRRV COURTESY - US$1,500 

  • For SRRV EXPANDED COURTESY - US$1,500 (with pension of at least US$1,000)

*Required pension of at least US$ 800 for single  and US$1,000 if with dependents

    Ideally, the visa deposit should be remitted to PRA's designated bank account a month prior to application.  This way, the waiting time for the money to be reflected in PRA's system is reduced.

2.  Can I use my property in the Philippines as visa deposit?

  • If you have SRRV CLASSIC, it is possible to convert your visa deposit into an investment. The value of the property must at least be US$50,000.00. 

3.  What kind of property can I use for the visa deposit conversion?

  • For foreigners, PRA only allows visa deposit conversion for Ready-For-Occupancy (RFO) condominium units or long term lease of at least 20 years.

4.  Please give me information about the visa deposit conversion.

5.  How do I remit money from my home country to PRA's designated bank accounts?

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