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Why should  you do Longstay in Makati?

In Makati, longstay is possible and convenient because it is the heart of the financial, commercial and economic centers of the Philippines. It is the home of the Philippine Stock Exchange, the Makati Busines Club and various foreign embassies.


Being known for its cosmopolitan culture, major shopping malls, high rise condominiums, exclusive residential communities, 5-star hotels, and entertainment hubs are located around Makati. Despite its metropolitan culture, the City has been named by the Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) as “Most Retirement and Ageing-Friendly City,” in the country having complied with the age-friendly city criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO).

My impression about the Philippines
totally changed...

"I would like to visit the Philippines again soon when there is a chance because I would like to bring my family here as well as explore Philippines more and not just stay in Makati"

- Mr. Nishi (ESL learner for 2 months)

"Makati is like Tokyo!" - Mr. Ima (ESL for 2 months)

My Second Home

A stones-throw away from shopping areas, parks, and recreation, and with amenities such as pools, fitness centers, spas, and lounges at your fingertips. Life in the Philippines like you never imagined before. You will be living the kind of life that you have only ever seen before in the movies.

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