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Airbnb Listing and Hosting


Maximize your 

rental income


Put your home in expert hands 


Enjoy good reviews

We make every home Airbnb-ready

Fit-out/ Interior Design
Furnishing your home 
based on your budget
Showing off your home in the very best light
Listing Setup
Posting listing and marketing on multiple platforms
Keeping your home clean is our priority
Guest Relations
Ensuring guests are the right ones and communicating with them
Resolving maintenance issues for guests'  convenience 
Pricing Review
Setting the best rate for your home
Key Management
Assisting guests during move-in and move-out

How It Works

Start your hassle-free Airbnb hosting

Step 1 -- Getting to know you and your Philippine property

Upon receiving your enquiry, our Japanese staff will contact you to discuss your property and requests that you might have.

Step 2 -- Preparing for launch

We start by visiting your property to plan on how to dress it up.  We then take pictures and create an eye-catching profile to attract Airbnb guests.

Step 3 -- Launching of your Airbnb home

Once everything is done, we welcome your guests and take care of everything for you.

Ready to launch your Airbnb home?


Highly rated




Achieved a 4.8+

overall rating

Responded within

24 hours

Hosted 26 trips

Honored all reservations

0 cancellation

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