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TESZARA assistance includes acquiring visa, finding your second home and providing you with day-to-day support in the Philippines.

TESZARA For foreigners living in the Philippines


Dream Life Awaits

Main Businesses

If you want a special non-immigrant resident visa that provides its holders with multiple-entry and indefinite stay status in the Philippines, TESZARA can assist you to acquire a Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV).

    Because of the warm weather year-round, friendly people, affordable prices, easy domestic and international travel, world-class medical care and spas, great food: With these attributes it’s no wonder why more people decide to stay long-term in the Philippines.  Let TESZARA arrange this for you. 

    Due to the strong economic growth the Philippines is experiencing, the real estate business is booming.  If you would like to invest in real estate properties that can potentially create significant wealth in your portfolio, TESZARA is here to help you make that decision. We also assist in reselling properties to the second-hand market or renting out your pad.

    There are three things that set our English lessons apart from the other ESL providers:  our tried-and-tested method, our professional teachers, and the high-quality service that you receive.

    TESZARA is your one-stop destination for premium overseas life. 

    You've spent your whole life working hard, and you deserve to be rewarded.  Imagine a life where you have:

    Luxury condos with amenities such as pools and fitness centers
    Concierge service with Japanese-speaking staff,
    Professional housekeeping services,
    Effective English lessons from high-caliber instructors
    Easy access to pristine beach resorts, tours, manicured golf courses, and other recreational opportunities
    Client Satisfaction
    Over 95% satisfaction

    With both our Japan and the Philippines offices at your service, your needs and wants are taken cared of.

    TESZARA Manila Tour
    TESZARA Longstay Services



    We provide free visa assistance for individuals and companies looking to relocate, study or work in the Philippines.

    Airport Greeting and Transfer

    Our worry-free airport greeting and transfer services make arriving in a new country a breeze.

    English Lessons

    Our English lessons enable guests to express themselves while in the Philippines.

    Housing Assistance

    From our network of realtors, we can find the best accommodation for you in whichever budget range you choose.

    Concierge Support

    Whether it's for business or pleasure, our team is dedicated to cater to your preferred level of assistance and tailored to your personal requirements.

    Leisure Tour

    We can take care of all your travel needs.  Just let us know your prerequisites and we do the rest. 

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    TESZARA partners
    Philippine Retirement Authority

    PRA is an attached agency of the Philippine Department of Tourism for issuing Special Resident Retiree's Visa

    Longstay Foundation

    With their wide network of advisors and members, Longstay Foundation can provide Japanese nationals support overseas through their salons

    Ayala Land Corporation

    It is the oldest conglomerate in the Philippines, with a longterm relationship with Mitsubishi group.   Ayala Land Inc. is the real estate arm of the corporation.

    Megaworld Corporation

    Megaworld is the real estate arm of Alliance Global, who developed the concept of "Live-Work-Play". 

    Shang Properties, Inc.

    Shang Properties, Inc. is a Philippines-based investment holding company. Its subsidiaries' businesses include property investment and development, real estate management, leasing, mall and car park operations. 

    With more than 7,00 islands to choose from, the Philippines has a lot to offer even the most discerning tourist.  While the country has been famous for its white beaches and blue seas, people now are looking towards the Philippines for different reasons.  Recently, the country has become the fastest-growing economy among ASEAN countries.  Investors have been flocking and making sure they are a part of this growth.

    TESZARA Boracay
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