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DCEC Philippines Business English

Improve Your English Communication Skills

How different is your school compared with others?

There are three things that we value most in our school:  our method, our instructors and the service we provide.

Our method is not by rote learning.  It follows how a young child acquires his mother tongue, and that is by mimicking.  Because of its effectiveness (when properly executed), this method of learning conversational English has attracted academicians from KEIO, WASEDA and Chubu Universities resulting to a tie-up between the said universities and our school. Even notable companies and government agencies in the country have patronized our Business English lessons. 

Our instructors have one common passion: teaching.  Thus, our educators exert their best efforts to assist our learners achieve their goals in learning English.

Our company has always been committed to providing high-quality service to our clientele.

DCEC PH English teacher

OUR Governesses

Our teachers are business professionals who underwent extensive training to provide Japanese-quality service to all our learners.

DCEC PH English teacher
DCEC PH English teacher


TESZARA English lessons
Our Lessons

Business English Conversation Lesson

25-minute lesson course

Business English Lessons are for business people who use (or might use) English in their respective jobs.  In each lesson, you build your confidence to speak and use the language as though you use your own mother tongue.

¥8,000 (excl. tax)/ 4 lessons

Business English Conversation Lesson

50-minute lesson course

For our Business English Lessons, you listen to the accompanying CD to train your ears listen to English and to guide you in proper pronunciation of words.  When you come to class, reading the text becomes as easy as ABC.  Different business situations discussed in the lesson help you learn how to use expressions faster.

¥12,000 (excl. tax)/ 4 lessons

Business Presentation Lesson

50-minute lesson (5 lessons)

In today's business, opportunities to make presentations abound.  However, there are not a lot of people who can create a big impact when making presentations on the global stage.

During the lessons, your instructor makes sure that you are equipped with proper tools and skills on how to talk and answer questions.

¥37,000 (excl. tax)/ 5 lessons

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We believe that creating a conducive learning environment for learners starts with a positive atmosphere for our teachers and staff.

All our staff members understand the value of what they do and how each one's action affect our client's progress.

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